Monday, March 06, 2006

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

I'm splitting my blogging up a bit - this blog is, frankly, an eclectic mess.

Having worked out what I'm actually inclined to post on, there are now five new blogs of mine.

My politics blog: This blog is going to be my chance to comment on all the things that go on, both internally within the Liberal Democrats and externally too.

My baseball blog: This is mostly the experience of being a Red Sox fan, born and bred in England and having a very different perspective on, well, baseball.

My alternate history blog: I don't honestly know whether I'll use this or just post on shwi instead, but I might put some stuff up there.

Britain and Great Power Status: This is an experimental blog; I'm going to be posting new versions of the multi-step argument for greater European integration that I started here. It got a bit buried here.

My techie blog: This is a techie blog. Not sure I'll be making many new postings there - if you're looking from Cobbetts, check out the internal blog for insights into Cobbetts' IT.

I'll edit this posting as I add more blogs.

Any postings that used to be here have been moved to the appropriate blog. If you've just followed a link here from one of those postings, then all I have to say is that you should ignore the date because blogger won't let me change the dates back to those when the posting was originally made. Those postings could well date back as far as 2003, but they're all dated 6 March 2006.